TeaP Poster Award



The TeaP organizers, in cooperation with the DGPs section "Allgemeine Psychologie" will feature the

2nd TeaP Poster Award at the TeaP 2017.

TeaP attendees whose posters have been accepted for presentation at the TeaP 2017 and who are junior members of the DGPs section "Allgemeine Psychologie" (i.e., all student members and all associate and full members that do not have a tenured position) are eligible to apply for this award.

Application deadline is February 15 2017.

Awarded posters will be announced and honored at the conference.

In order to apply, please send us a DIN A4 copy of your poster, an extended abstract (1 page max; Arial front, size 12; 1.5 line spacing) together with a screenshot of your poster acceptance notification as one single PDF to this email-address:




A committee consisting of experienced researches from various fields will select three posters that will be awarded. Selection criteria are (1) scientific significance and rigor oft the contribution, (2) comprehensibility of the poster and (3) poster layout.

We are looking forward to your application!





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